Vertical farming LED lights

Growers and entrepreneurs are leveraging Philips innovative vertical farming LED lights to produce a range of crops at climate-controlled indoor vertical farming facilities. They are ideal for propagating young plants, cultivating leafy greens, herbs and fruits, and developing new varieties of seeds. Philips offers a range of LED vertical farming lighting and the GrowWise Control System to help you achieve higher yields on a smaller footprint and steer unique properties of crops, like enhanced flavor, nutritional value and shelf life.

LED grow lights for lettuce – higher yields and compact heads

LED grow lights for lettuce – higher yields and compact heads

Lettuce is the most common crop to grow in a vertical farming facility, so we’ve come a long way in perfecting LED grow lights for lettuce and leafy greens. Whether you want to produce large heads of bright green lettuce or more compact heads of deep red varieties, we can advise you on the best infrastructure, light recipe and LED grow lights for lettuce. Our full range of solutions is designed to fit your crop and conditions, based on our long experience in vertical farming LED lighting technology, light recipes and research at our own vertical farming research facilityPhilips GreenPower LED production module is ideal for multilayer applications.

LED grow lights for lettuce – higher yields and compact heads

LED grow lights for herbs – for crops that stand out in their market

Herbs and microgreens grown in a vertical farm are in high demand from consumers and chefs because of their exceptional quality and taste. With LED grow lights for herbs you can grow a staggering range of varieties and steer other characteristics, such as nitrate concentrations and vitamin C content. Explore our proven light recipes and research at our GrowWise Center to find out more. Get the best results for your situation with our range of LED grow lights for herbs. Maximize yields for multilayer applications with Philips GreenPower LED production module.

Leverage proven results from Philips Light Recipes

Philips light recipes capture all the elements of lighting that steer plant growth. They are the result of hundreds of trials and projects between Philips Horticulture Lighting, growers and researchers to investigate how the LED grow light spectrum affects various crops and growing phases of plants. Today, we offer a wide array of LED grow light recipes, based on proven results for specific varieties, growth phases and cultivation set-ups. From tissue culture, propagation and seedlings to young plants and full-grown crops.

What is a light recipe?

Vertical farming lighting products

GreenPower LED production module

A vertical farming lighting module for multilayer cultivation of herbs and leafy greens. Includes the ideal light recipe for higher yield, better quality, higher propagation success rates and year-round production. A dynamic version allows you to individually adjust the LED colors and light intensities.

GrowWise control system

This lighting control system is an easy way to create and run custom light recipes to meet the needs of specific crops and improve quality and productivity. Suitable for use with the GreenPower LED production module Dynamic, the software can be controlled from a mobile device or climate computer.

Vertical farming blogs

Want to control nitrate levels in leafy greens?

By growing leafy greens under LED grow lights in an indoor vertical growing environment, researchers discovered they could decrease or increase nitrate levels in the plants.

Sun-free yet summer sweet strawberries build the case for a vertical farm

The latest trials from Philips GrowWise Center have yielded sweeter strawberries in a vertical farm that has no daylight.

How different growing environments can influence nitrate levels in leafy greens

Researchers grew leafy greens under LED grow lights in a vertical farm and greenhouse and were able to decrease or increase nitrate levels in the plants.

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