Easy installation. Excellent illumination.

Real professionals never say “no” to saving time and money. And with Philips CoreLine LED luminaires, they will never have to. Because Philips CoreLine offers a full range of LED lighting solutions that keep installation time to a minimum, while saving a maximum of energy.

CoreLine All-in luminaires offer even more installation convenience. They integrate up to 3 color temperatures and 3 lumen outputs in one single luminaire for unparalleled "exibility on-site at the flip of a switch. All of this makes Philips CoreLine luminaires the perfect solution for any project, from maintenance to new installations.


Most CoreLine luminaires are Interact Ready, allowing them to work seamlessly with smart lighting systems such as Interact Pro.


The efficient design of the CoreLine LED fixures enables replacement of existing lights, with no need for expensive re-wiring or new ceiling configurations.

High quality

At the heart of CoreLine’s high-quality light is LED technology. Extraordinary lifetimes of up to 100,000 hours enable you to meet every demand and provide the best lighting solution.

Easy installation - designed for your needs

Easy installation – designed for your needs

Installation has never been easier than with Philips CoreLine luminaires. Innovations such as our proven quick-connector and tool-free electrical wiring allow for a quick and easy installation process that saves you time on the job. 

Say goodbye to complicated installation processes and look forward to an effortless experience with Philips CoreLine luminaires.

CoreLine All-in

All you need for maximum installation flexibility

With CoreLine All-in luminaires, you get up to 9 codes in a single luminaire. Coupled with the ease of use you've come to expect from Philips CoreLine, installation is more convenient than ever.


Look out for the new All-in icon if you seek greatest flexibility with your next order.

Multi Lumen

With adjustable lumen outputs you’ll always be able to deliver the best lighting for any requirement.

Multi ColorTemp

From cozy to energizing: easily create and adjust the color temperature of the light to fit any application.

Easy to switch

Effortlessly shift between different light settings during installation via an integrated switch.

Your benefits

No more tough decisions. Reduced risk to pick the wrong luminaire. Just change the setting on location to fit the requirements.

Easy to install. Enjoy the same quick and easy installation you know and appreciate from the CoreLine range.

Perfect for maintenance. Pick the right setting on-site while changing luminaires or adjust after installation to the clients’ preferences.

Trusted Philips quality. All-in luminaires fulfill our highest standards to give you peace of mind. And happy customers.

CoreLine All-in luminaires


What real pros like:

More efficiency, less hassle

The new Philips CoreLine panel: Easy to install and maintain, improved energy efficiency, and more product options than ever before

  • Highly energy-efficient with efficacy of up to 140 lm/W
  • UltraEfficient (UE) versions available with efficacy of up to 160 lm/W
  • Very long service life of up to 100,000 hours (L80)*
  • Easy and flexible installation thanks to quick connector options

* Only available for selected products

All CoreLine luminaires

overview content image connected lighting

Your first choice for effortless smart lighting

Smart lighting means that LED lights with integrated sensors are connected to application software, opening up a whole new world of opportunities.

No matter what your customer´s lighting needs are, Philips offers a wide product range of Interact Ready luminaires and lamps created for a maximum of performance personalization and design. All components, including wireless sensors and wall switches are interoperable, upgradeable and made to provide customers with the light, comfort and convenience their business deserves.

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