The Lighting Academy has moved to Signify

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Lighting educational resources are now available at Signify

Signify Lighting Academy offers a comprehensive range of educational resources to advance your lighting knowledge. We bridge the gap between cutting edge lighting innovations and real-world solutions required by professionals, and education is an essential part of it. From monthly webinars to lighting events, the educational materials are provided by world-class lighting experts and professionals. Self-learning has never been easier than it is now. Be brighter by the day!

More about Signify Lighting Academy

Explore what Signify Lighting Academy has to offer to advance your knowledge in the lighting industry. 

Lighting Webinars

Every month we provide an opportunity for everyone interested to participate in our webinars and learn about innovations in the lighting industry, such as UV-C disinfection and 3D printing.

The Science of Lighting

The Science of Lighting is an exciting read for everyone who works in a profession related to lighting. It provides a basic knowledge of light and lighting, its nature and behavior.

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