Philips GrowWise Control System

GrowWise control system scheme

Custom light recipes for full flexibility and control

Get full flexibility and control over your lighting to improve your crop quality, productivity and operational efficiency with Philips GrowWise Control System. It allows you to easily create and run custom light recipes on dimmable and color controllable modules. This system can be seamlessly connected to your climate control or greenhouse management system to simplify operation. It is designed for a vertical farm, greenhouse or research facility to optimize your yield.

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Hr bert karrel blue
Hr bert karrel green
Hr bert karrel deepred

The right light, at the right time, in the right place

Different plants have different lighting needs. The Philips GrowWise Control System enables you to create your own light recipes; when do you start lighting your crop, for how long, with what colors and how many micromoles per square meter, to fit your specific needs. With your custom light recipe you can mix a variety of colors (deep red, blue, green and far red) to steer specific plant characteristics, such as compactness, color intensity, branch development and flowering. This can deliver better crop yield and quality and more predictable results.

Key benefits

  • Different lighting per growth phase 
  • Steer on quality; shelf life, bio mass, vitamin level or plant color 
  • Easily switch to new crops without installing new lights 
  • Predictable production year-round

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