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We have products for all your horticulture needs. Explore the different horticulture application areas and the Philips GreenPower LED products to use for them.

Vegetables & Fruits

High wire vegetables, leafy vegetables, herbs and soft fruits.

Finely-tuned light recipes supply the spectrum and intensity the crop needs without adding extra heat, giving you more control over the greenhouse climate, making year-round production possible.


Cut flowers, potted plants, bedding plants & perennials.

With the right light recipe, you’ll have complete vegetative and reproductive control over your plants. On top of this, LED lighting makes it easy to manage heat levels.

City farming

Leafy vegetables & ripe fruit without daylight

Growing crops in small interior areas; LEDs make the dream possible by providing the optimal light spectrum for indoor growth, using multiple layers to maximize production.

Medicinal cannabis

Predictable quality with steered compounds

Growing your cannabis with the use of LED will generate higher yield per square meter compared to growing with other light sources.

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