Philips Greenpower LED gridlighting

Solutions for every stage of growth with Philips GreenPower LED gridlighting

Philips GreenPower LED gridlighting

The Philips GreenPower LED gridlighting is specifically designed for cultivators growing on benches or vertical rack systems. Gridlighting is an ideal solution for commercial cannabis cultivation facilities and smaller grow operations.

With its six light bars, the Philips gridlighting is optimized to cover a 4’x4’ area, providing flawless canopy light uniformity, to steer uniform bud development and grow more top-shelf flowers. Whether you are cultivating your cannabis in a grow tent or in a vertical rack, movable eye hooks on the Philips gridlighting makes it easy to attach adjustable cabling.

The Philips LED gridlighting enables excellent yields with consistent cannabinoid values. The results: consistent harvest schedule, shorter crop cycles than with HPS, and more predictable production.

Key benefits

Movable hooks allow for installation flexibility and precision placement

Covered LED boards offer easy cleaning, slowing light depreciation, and provide superior optical performance for improved uniformity

Includes dimming cable adapter — open for 3rd party controllers

Ventilation holes to help regulate temperature and allow for proper airflow

Spectrum offerings for every stage of growth

Efficient white


Broad white


Efficient broad white


Drives superior plant development in the vegetative stage Optimized spectrum producing premium flower Most efficient solution for flowering stage at ~3.0 μmol/J

Application Fields


High levels of radiant heat can stress or even burn the plants. With LED lighting you can control heat and light separately.

Get on the grid with Philips LED gridlighting

Product specifications

Voltage input 120 – 480 V
Power consumption 275 – 640 W
Light output 900 – 1900 μmol/s
Efficacy 2.7 – 3.3 μmol/j
Ingress protection IP66
Q90 50,000 hours

Balanced Los Angeles produces premium quality flower with Philips LED gridlighting

Since we started working with Philips LED, we not only have we seen great success with their lights, but the support of their team has been tremendous.
Augie Simoncini, Head Cultivator



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