Grow herbs indoor with LED

Achieve higher yield and better tasting crops when you grow herbs indoors with Philips LED grow lights. Whether you produce basil, microgreens or edible flowers in a greenhouse or vertical farming facility, many growers have named Philips the best LED grow lights for herbs. Our custom LED light recipes enable growers to get excellent color, shape and taste that make their products stand out, when growing herbs indoors with artificial light.

Philips LED herb grow lights increase yield and improve taste

The best LED grow lights for herbs in vertical farming

Many growers have built successful vertical farming facilities that grow herbs indoors under herb grow lights. LED lighting offers a number of benefits for growing sustainable food. By controlling the light, growers can germinate herbs quicker, grow roots faster and get bigger yields. Since LEDs run at cooler temperatures than other grow lights, they can be placed closer to the plant to encourage homogeneous growth. Ideal for growing herbs indoors with artificial light in vertical stacks. Our custom LED light recipes enable growers to steer flavor, appearance and other plant characteristics to meet specific consumer demands.

The best LED grow lights for herbs in greenhouses

Philips LED grow lights for herbs help growers dramatically increase yield by up to 30% in their greenhouse. They also offer clear benefits in terms of the quality and consistency of crops. For example, basil crops produced with Philips grow lights have more consistent leaf development, deeper foliage color and better taste compared to other types of grow lights. Our custom LED light recipes allow you to further steer specific plant aspects, from shelf life to taste, to differentiate your herbs in the market.

Leverage proven results from Philips Light Recipes

Philips light recipes capture all the elements of lighting that steer plant growth when growing herbs indoors with artificial light. They are the result of hundreds of trials and projects between Philips Horticulture Lighting, growers and researchers to investigate how the LED grow light spectrum affects various crops and growing phases of plants. Today, we offer a wide array of LED grow light recipes, based on proven results for specific varieties, growth phases and cultivation set-ups. From tissue culture, propagation and seedlings to young plants, potted plants and high wire vegetables.

What is a light recipe?

Effective solutions for growing herbs

Philips GreenPower LED toplighting

Produce higher quantities of tasty vegetables, fragrant herbs and juicy fruit, while efficiently controlling lighting and temperature.

Philips GreenPower LED toplighting compact

Make the easy switch from HPS to all the benefits of LED toplighting, using your existing HPS set-up and trellis construction.

Philips GreenPower LED production module

A dynamic module which allows you to individually adjust the LED colors and light intensities.

Philips GreenPower LED production module

A dynamic module which allows you to individually adjust the LED colors and light intensities.

GrowWise control system

Philips GrowWise Control System gives you full flexibility and control over your lighting to improve your crop quality, productivity and operational efficiency.

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