Reduce veg time with Philips LED grow lights

L.A. Family Farms

Los Angeles, California

In 2019, L.A. Family Farms opened up a 28,000-square-foot indoor cultivation facility. Long-time cannabis cultivators, the team at L.A. Family Farms takes tremendous pride in the plant, the growing process, and their growing environment.

Philips LED toplighting linear, in the efficient white spectrum, has shortened our veg time by several days, which helps us be more efficient. There is less overhead because we’re watering and running lights for less time.
Head Grower, LA Family Farms
LAFF Customer Challenge

Customer challenge

The farm wanted to produce quality flower while managing energy costs and maximizing their grow space. Therefore, the management team began exploring the transition to LED lighting. The farm installed a two-tier rack in their veg room and searched for the appropriate luminaire.

LAFF solution

The LED lighting solution

L.A. Family Farms installed the Philips GreenPower LED toplighting linear in the efficient white spectrum in the farm's veg room. This spectrum allows a normalized color rendering index (CRI) for workers to do proper pest scouting and crop inspection. The Philips solution resulted in a notable reduction in veg time, tighter internode spacing, and robust root development. The farm also reduced overhead costs and increased operational efficiency due to shorter lighting and watering periods.

Philips GreenPower toplighting linear

The Philips LED toplighting linear delivers maximal horizontal light uniformity and vertical light distribution. This ensures uniform growth for every plant in your cannabis facility.


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Philips GrowWise Control System

Philips GrowWise Control System gives you full flexibility and control over your lighting to improve your crop quality, productivity and operational efficiency.


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