Producing High Quality Flower with Philips LED Lighting

Balanced Los Angeles

Cudahy, California

Looking to transition their facility from HID lighting to a more efficient solution, Balanced L.A. partnered with Philips LED lighting to enhance their cannabis cultivation, ensuring premium quality while improving operations through substantial energy cost reductions.

Balanced LA Quote
Since we started working with Philips LED, we not only have we seen great success with their lights, but the support of their team has been tremendous
- Augie Simoncini, Head Cultivator 
Balanced LA Challenge

Customer challenge

Balanced Los Angeles partnered with Philips Horticulture to maximize space within their flower room with the Philips GreenPower LED gridlighting. The new installation consisting of over 90 LED modules allows for a better usage of space while also maintaining a consistent flower yield. Balanced Los Angeles benefits from a reduction in HVAC usage, a superior terpene profile, and a better penetration to lower parts of the canopy. 

Balanced LA solution

The LED lighting solution

Previously using HID lighting, Balanced Los Angeles sought after a premium product that could reduce excessive usage on their cooling system in their flower room as well as boosting flower yield and maintaining the highest possible quality.

Philips LED gridlighting

The Philips GreenPower LED gridlighting is specifically designed for indoor cultivators growing on benches or vertical rack systems.

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