The future of lighting is circular

Take, make, waste can’t be the answer to tomorrows problems

That’s why we build products with the circular economy
in mind. They use future-proof components that are
easily upgradable and serviceable to last longer. Our
Service tag helps you service lighting products quicker
and our modular components such as drivers and light
engines are designed for easy maintenance and
replacement, extending product life. Easy disassembly
means that materials and components can be fully
harvested for reuse or recycling.

Energy efficiency & lifetime

  • Comply to minimum lm/W based on EU Single Lighting Regulation
  • Lifetime of at least 50,000 hrs (L80B50)
  • Our broad ranges of optics ensure that luminaire placement can be optimized for the  specific application


  • Interact Ready products comply to the DiiA standard regarding luminaire, energy and diagnostics data
  • Comply to international communication standards (Zigbee, Wi-Fi, DALI, PoE, Bluetooth, 3/4G)



  • Interface for sensor integration
  • Easily exchangeable/upgradable identified electronic and mechanical parts
  • Upgradable firmware


Reusable & recyclable

  • Cooperation with Collection and Recycling Operations (CRO) for end-of-life management and participation in national WEEE-Schemes
  • Non-destructive demounting and dismantling of luminaires
  • No glue and no potting (electronics) for easy recycling of materials


  • Service tag (QR-code) for easy access to Service database
  • Spare parts available for contract period
  • Easy to replace critical components

Discover our eco-friendly range of Philips lighting for circularity products

Products for retail

Stylid Evo

Maxos fusion

Projectors Accent Track


StoreSet linear

StoreSet Evo


Products for offices

Products for industry

Maxos fusion

Products for outdoor

Great products, even greater potential

Eco-conscious lighting for circularity products, especially when paired with our services and systems can help to reach sustainability development goals and enhance your store experience at the same time.

Signify and its brands were the first to introduce the concept of lighting for circularity

Signify and its brands were the first to introduce the concept of lighting for circularity

Many applications, many benefits

Lighting for circularity brings many benefits to the table that make a wide range of application areas – from retail to office, industry, and outdoor applications – more sustainable and environmentally friendly across the board.





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