StoreSet: Ultra-Flexible lighting solutions for more sustainable retail spaces

Always the right solution for excellent retail lighting


Philips StoreSet luminaires maximize the shopping experience while offering flexibility and easy maintenance at an attractive total cost of ownership. With their slim, unobtrusive design and installation on track, trunking systems, or recessed ceilings, StoreSet luminaires enhance any store concept, from food to fashion. Highlight products for sale with a wide range of optics and superior quality of light.

StoreSet luminaires

StoreSet linear

Slim and unobstrusive track lighting

StoreSet Evo

With product choices for on-track, trunking and recessed installation

Benefits at a glance

High quality of light

OptiSuit lenses and highquality LED panels with a CRI of 90+ bring out the best in every color and texture.

More flexibility

StoreSet family fits any store concept thanks to a variety of beam optics, connectivity options and a slim design.

High efficiency, long life

Luminous efficiency options of up to 180 lm/W and a lifetime of 100,000 hours (at L80) provide an attractive total cost of ownership.

Serviceable and upgradeable

The QR-based Service tag enables efficient maintenance. Driver access is fast and toolless.

The family that fits every store layout

Thanks to their versatility, Philips StoreSet luminaires can be easily integrated into any store format by re-using or setting up new layouts. Learn more below and let your lighting concept enhance any store – with the perfect combination of general and accent lighting!

The right beam for every demand

Our range of application-tailored OptiSuit™ optics is designed to suit the specific requirements and dimensions of different retail spaces. From wide beam to asymmetrical options – whatever you choose, StoreSet luminaires provides uniform light distribution for attractive stores and greater efficiency. Check out the brochures below to learn more about the different beam options.

Storesetine linear

Designed for a circular economy

Our purpose is to unlock light‘s extraordinary potential for a brighter future and a better world. Helping to further develop the circular economy is a good place to start. Our lighting for circularity products, services and systems can help to reduce environmental impact and enhance store experience at the same time.

Learn how Philips StoreSet luminaires meet the criteria of lighting for circularity:

Philips StoreSet meets the five criteria of lighting for circularity

Circularity icon

Learn more about lighting for circularity and join the circle to make your business more sustainable!

Bring out the best in merchandise

StoreSet luminaires are available in different LED flavors, including CRI 90+ flavors that bring out the best in every color and texture.

View of a convenience store with Philips StoreFlow luminaires

Standard CRI 90+ flavors

930: Warm colors and soft whites create a gentle, welcoming atmosphere.

940: Stronger whites and a cooler ambience (often used for sports retail).

PremiumWhite CRI 90+ flavors

PW930 and PW935: The new benchmark in retail lighting, for more vibrant whites and a warm ambience — with minimal compromise on energy savings!

Move the slider on the right and see for yourself what difference PremiumWhite can make!

StoreSet Evo installation options

Installation on track

Installation on Philips Maxos fusion trunking rails

Installation into recessed ceilings

It's easy to get connected – with Interact

Already have an existing DALI (wired) lighting system? Upgrade to Interact for smart lighting features such as multisite management and indoor navigation.

Choose Interact Pro for an easy upgrade from a switch-only (wired) lighting system and benefit from more effective lighting, smart dimming and impressive energy savings.