Jolly Farmer improves plant quality with switch to Philips toplighting

Jolly Farmer

New Brunswick, Canada

Jolly Farmer is a progressive young plant propagator using the most up-to-date greenhouse equipment and technology. Naturally, they would be one of the first growers in North America to embrace LED technology on a large scale—James Darrow, General Manager, began researching and studying LEDs in 2012.

James Darrow of Jolly Farmer replaces HPS with Philips LED toplighting grow lights
We’ve been very happy working with Philips...we love the partnership, they’ve been very helpful, and provide a lot of good technical support.
- James Darrow, General Manager, Jolly Farmer
Supported by Signify team of Key Account Manager & Application Engineer, Jolly Farmer makes the switch to Philips LEDs

The challenge

Jolly Farmer propagates more than 3,000 varieties, which means that Darrow needed to select an efficient lighting solution that would benefit multiple crops. In evaluating LED options, Darrow said, “there was no simple answer to determine the best spectrum for our needs.”

In 2016, after years of research, Darrow decided to install a single bay trial of Philips LED toplighting. As a result of the success of this trial, Jolly decided to expand their installation in 2018 by adding 1,300 Philips LED toplighting modules.

Jolly Farmer replaces HPS with Philips LEDs

After replacing HPS with Philips LED toplighting, Darrow noted specific improvements including more compact plant growth, less plant stretch, and reduced energy consumption. 

These improvements have been compounded with the larger installation. In fact, in a comparison of bay-to-bay energy consumption, Jolly Farmer’s electrician calculated the LEDs consumed 52% less electricity compared to HPS.

Philips GreenPower LED toplighting

Philips GreenPower LED toplighting

Philips GreenPower LED toplighting opens up new opportunities for greenhouse growers to drive young plant propagation of liners as well as leafy greens, lettuces, high-wire food crops, and bio crops. Philips LED toplighting is the energy-efficient alternative to HPS.

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