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    Grower reduces crop time by

    almost 30% 
    with Philips LED grow lights

    Canadian Valley Growers

    Aldergrove, British Columbia


    Established in 1991, Canadian Valley Growers (CVG) specializes in growing vegetables, herbs, and annuals. Central to their business is using environmentally sustainable practices to produce top-quality plants. In 2019, CVG partnered with Signify to install more than 1,500 Philips brand LED toplighting grow lights over their leafy green propagation and finished production areas.  

    Bill Brar

    The results have been fantastic, support has been great. 

    It’s been a good experience.”

    -Bill Brar, Co-owner 
    Growing seeds

    Customer challenge


    CVG previously relied on HPS lights for their supplemental lighting needs. However, with a desire to produce year-round, they began to investigate other lighting options including HPS-LED hybrid and a full LED solution. Brar was most interested in a lighting solution that would not only efficiently extend their growing season, but also help CVG produce higher quality crops and reduce operating costs. Brar connected with Climatrol, a certified Philips LED horti partner in BC, to initiate a custom LED light design for their operation. 

    Growing seeds

    The lighting solution


    Brar participated in a Signify-hosted Leafy Greens Community Event in Europe in 2019 where he met other growers already using Philips LED grow lights. The event also gave Brar an opportunity to discuss his needs and learn more from Signify’s team of plant specialists. 

    A custom light plan was designed using the regular output version of Philips LED toplighting with light levels targeted at 220 µmols for CVG’s propagation area, and 110 µmols for the finished production area. 



    In addition to experiencing an almost 30% reduction in crop time, CVG noted several qualitative improvements especially in their propagation area. The improvements include stronger roots, heavier root mass and heavier leaf mass, and better leaf color. Asked about the difference of growing under LEDs and HPS, Brar commented about making the switch to LED grow lights, “before we were propagating with HPS and the difference in propagation has been day and night.” He added, “I absolutely recommend Philips LED lighting. The results have been fantastic, support has been great. It has been a good experience.”

    Philips GreenPower LED interlighting

    Philips GreenPower LED toplighting

    Philips GreenPower LED toplighting opens up new opportunities for greenhouse growers to drive growth of bedding plants, perennial plants, potted plants as well as high-wire tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, and leafy greens, lettuces and herbs. An energy-efficient supplemental grow light solution for commercial greenhouse growers.

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