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The spread of airborne viruses and bacteria poses a permanent risk in educational environments. To reduce the spread, constant air changes are required to keep the air clean. However, most schools use only basic ventilation, which isn’t sufficient to change the air frequently enough. Opening windows can let fresh in, but it can also let in noise, pollutants, and draft, all of which affect occupant comfort and concentration. Cold or warm air escaping or entering means the room needs to be constantly heated or cooled, pushing up energy consumption and costs.

The most effective way to deliver an additional layer of protection against the spread of illness is to combine basic ventilation with UV-C air disinfection. UV-C air disinfection scores high marks when it comes to inactivating 99.99%* of harmful pathogens present in the air.   

Philips UV-C disinfection lighting is a proven, effective and energy-efficient solution to achieve clean air. It can be used while people are present and is easy to operate and maintain. It runs quietly and discreetly in the background, improving the indoor air quality to help keep your education facility open and your students learning.  

The role of UV-C in Schools

The role of UV-C in Schools

Schools need effective ways to ensure good air quality, helping to prevent coronavirus, flu, and other infections. Research indicates that 89% of educational institutions simply open the windows for good ventilation, but this strategy can result in additional heating and cooling costs. UV-C offers an effective and energy-efficient alternative.  

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As you encourage employees to return to your offices, you want to ensure they feel confident to do so.  Philips UV-C air disinfection can help to keep viruses “Out of Office,” so you can concentrate on business as usual. 


Thorough disinfection in healthcare facilities is vital. Philips UV-C air disinfection works as hard as your care staff, constantly disinfecting the air to give you and your patients peace of mind.

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Learn more about the power of UV-C

Learn more about the power of UV-C

UV-C has an undeniable impact when it comes to cleaning the air of viruses and bacteria, helping provide healthy indoor air that benefits our well-being.  Want to hear more about its power from the experts?  Watch our UV-C focused webinars or listen to our podcasts to unlock more knowledge around how UV-C air disinfection can deliver air that cares.

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