Peace of mind in public spaces thanks to UV-C disinfection lighting


Bad Dürkheim

Bad Dürkheim, Germany

Bad Dürkheim in Germany chose UV-C disinfection as the effective, affordable, future-proof solution that contributes to improving hygeine standards across the region's public spaces.

For a long time, we have been thinking about how exactly we can add a layer of protection for staff, pupils, and visitors at our schools, daycare centers, after-school care centers, and town hall.
- With Philips UV-C technology from Signify, we have found a long-term and future-oriented solution." - Christoph Glogger, Mayor of Bad Dürkheim
customer challenge

Customer challenge

Maintaining high levels of hygiene standards will remain a cornerstone of social interaction for the foreseeable future. That’s why public, highly frequented facilities are increasingly interested in solutions that will enable them to effectively reduce the risk of infections. The city of Bad Dürkheim has already recognized this need and made it its mission to invest in a long-term, future-proof strategy. Their focus was on finding a solution that could seamlessly integrate with existing disinfection systems, while remaining cost-effective.

Dis infection

The disinfection solution

To demonstrate the possibilities of comprehensive infection control at the municipal level, Bad Dürkheim turned to Signify's UV-C disinfection solutions. Over two construction phases, four elementary schools, seven daycare centers, two after-school care centers, and parts of the Bad Dürkheim town hall were equipped with a total of 15 mobile, plug and play Philips UVCA200 air disinfection units, and 85 Philips upper air UV-C ceiling-mounted devices.

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