Lighting system modernization

Philips Factory - Pila, Poland

Philips Factory Pila, Poland

42% energy savings and better working conditions for the employees with the modernization to Pacific LED!

Philips Factory - Pila, Poland
The operation of Signify Lighting Poland as part of the international structures of the concern means, that if we want to be an example for other organizations, we must prove, that we manufacture not only high quality products, but also effectively manage the costs.
- Marek Huzarewicz, CEO of Philips lighting Poland SA
Philips Factory - Pila, Poland

Customer challenge

The aim of the modernization was to increase the factory’s work efficiency, resulting not only in tangible financial benefits, related to its functioning, but also to improve the working conditions of its employees.

The right lighting

The new lighting installation included Pacific LED WT460C fittings, which substituted the previous conventional solutions. The new product quality and its high lighting efficiency allow for a 24 hour, 49 weeks a year operation without any technological downtime. Comparison of the new product with the previous fittings proves, that the current solution achieves a savings rate on a level of 58% in relation to the former energy consumption. Additionally the Pacific LED WT460C fittings were also used to improve the quality of lighting of the particular work spots.

The Return On Investment is estimated within 2 years only. The implemented project includes not only financial benefits, but also positively influences the environment, reducing the CO2 emission to the atmosphere.

The new fittings were able to decrease the glare effects, unfavorable for human eyes, at the same time increasing the lighting intensity and unifying the color temperature of the light.

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