Project on track: Jernhusen & Interact Pro

Jernhusen train depot use smart lighting through Interact Pro.

Örebro, Sweden

Project on track. By working with CSI-partners, combined effort led to an Interact project that was smart in more ways than one. 

The new lighting system has lowered energy costs, reduced carbon emissions, simplified maintenance and provided higher quality of light.
- Mats Lövgren, Business Manager, Jernhusen
Two men in high visibility jackets stand in an industrial setting train depot
Man in high visibility jacket inspecting train depot in industrial setting

How do we install smart lighting without messing with daily operations?

In the Jernhusen train depot, activity is constant. Together with CSI partner Wani El, Signify and the customer developed a thorough plan to install new, smart lighting. With Interact Pro, the wireless smart lighting system, not only was installation quick and pain free, the high levels of flexibility also enabled rapid reconfigurations and changes to be planned in advance and deployed without interruption to daily operations. 


Pacific LED gen5

Pacific LED gen5 is an innovative and best-in-class LED waterproof luminaire that is praised for its optimal performance. It meets the demanding requirements of contemporary and harsh industries

Interact pro

Interact Pro

Interact Pro, the wireless smart lighting system that's easy to install and set up - and will have an impressive effect on your customers' energy savings in no time. Together with high quality Philips lighting these benefits make any location not only smarter but also safer, easier to use and more enjoyable altogether.

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