Philips GreenPower LED technology for Iceland’s first vertical farm

Andri Bjorn Gunnarsson, founder and CEO of VAXA

Vaxa vertical farming


With its cold climate and rocky, volcanic landscape, Iceland poses obvious challenges for traditional methods of farming. In 2017, the two men founded VAXA, Iceland’s first and only vertical farm.

Vaxa Iceland vertical farming lettuce
Indoor farming alone will not heal the negative impact from global food production, but it will play a key role in making agriculture a more sustainable business.
- Andri Bjorn Gunnarsson, founder and CEO of VAXA
Micro greens in vertical farming iceland

The challenge

Andri Bjorn Gunnarsson and Andri Gudmundsson had a vision to solve one of the country’s everlasting problems – its reliance on imported food. They were also influenced by the impact of food imports on climate change, as many countries seek to boost local food production as a more sustainable model for agriculture. In a tech-intensive field, where slight gradations in performance can make a difference, Philips GreenPower LED technology comes into play.

Philips GreenPower LED production module for vertical farming

Philips GreenPower LED production module

Especially designed for your vertical growth system due to its high energy efficiency and long lifetime,the GreenPower LED production module is the best solution for new or existing installations.

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