Harvesting strawberries and tomatoes through winter months

Sunterra introduction

Sunterra Greenhouse

Acme, Alberta,

Sunterra Greenhouse has an expansive facility covering 7.5 acres dedicated to strawberry production and an additional 17.5 acres for tomato cultivation. In order to maximize fruit production through the bench months, Sunterra chose to install Philips LED lighting.

sunterra customer quote
We think of the Philips LED lighting team as our partner in this project; they have a vested interest in our success.
Gabriel Forero, Head Grower, Sunterra Greenhouses.
sunterra customer challenge

Customer challenge

Due to insufficient and inconsistent natural light levels during the winter months, Sunterra was challenged with achieving stable, reliable production without adding supplemental lighting. With the addition of Philips LED toplighting, Sunterra is now able to avoid production dips while maximizing efficiency.

sunterra solution

The LED lighting solution

The strawberry solution is comprised of over 1000 Philips GreenPower LED toplighting compact and more than 800 Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamps. The tomato solution utilizes a hybrid LED/HPS approach featuring 4,000 Philips GreenPower LED toplighting compact fixtures, providing an impressive 220 µmol/m2/s light level. Through the successful partnership with Philips Horticulture, Sunterra Greenhouse is now able to maximize their production with Philips LED lighting, providing the perfect spectrum and intensity for optimal strawberry and tomato production, ensuring abundant yields year-round.

Philips GreenPower LED toplighting compact

The Philips LED toplighting compact grow light is the easy, energy efficient replacement for high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting. Deliver the right light levels for your light-loving crop while easily managing your grow climate.


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Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamp

The Philips LED flowering lamp is the effective, energy-efficient way to extend daylight in greenhouses that cultivate cut flowers, bedding plants, perennials, vegetables and fruits.


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