Philips StoreFlow

Enhance customer experiences with a new conceptin high-contrast aisle lighting that has great design flexibility and product sustainability

View of a convenience store with Philips StoreFlow luminaires

Soft architecture: A new concept in projector lighting

For decades, innovations in aisle lighting have focused on delivering greater energy efficiency.

But aisle lighting can do so much more than just deliver efficient and sufficient light across a store. With contrast-full lighting you have the power to create a unique store ambiance, one that draws attention to key areas and products in your store and creates a more intimate customer experience with greater eye comfort and evenly lit products. And it can even influence buying behavior too.

But why stop there?

What if there was a way to deliver all of this in a single, contemporary design that was not only energy efficient but easy to install and adapt to your preferred store configuration in a way that delivered greater energy and cost efficiencies too? You can with Philips StoreFlow.

Soft architecture: A new concept in projector lighting

Soft beam allows for large spacing between products,leading to an energy and cost-efficient installation.

Meets Signify’s Lighting for Circularity criteria for your sustainable goal.

Philips PerfectAccent™ optics and indirect lighting reduce glare and increase eye comfort.

Special cooling fins in combination with air flow ensure that the LED and power supply remain cool.

Soft architectural design delivers an elegant and slim organic shape.

New customer experience

Designed to fit any store application with ease

StoreFlow swivel fucntion

340° rotation allows for easy adaptation to various store applications, including POS

StoreFlow tilt function

Adjusts light beam for various store layouts (e.g. shelf heights, track heights and aisle widths)

StoreFlow side view with 15 degree tilt range

± 15° tilt

Philips StoreFlow meets the five criteria of lighting for circularity

Energy efficiency and extended lifetime

  • High-efficacy light engine with luminous efficacy of 120 lm/W for all configurations, with some as high as 140 lm/W
  • PerfectAccent™ optics provide optimal light distribution, reducing the number of luminaires and overall installed power
  • Long lifetime of up to 50,000 hours (L80)


  • Serviceable drivers connect StoreFlow to different Interact systems, enabling features such as multisite management, scene management and lighting management


  • Upgradable software via a DALI-enabled or wireless driver

Reusable & recyclable

  • Designed for lowest weight and lowest volume to limit transportation-related CO2 emissions
  • Easy to dismantle
  • The plastic housing is made from a bio-based source
  • No glue or potted electronics are used


  • Easy to install, service, maintain, repair and replace thanks to the Service tag QR-based identification system
  • Each luminaire and driver is uniquely identifiable

Optimal store lighting thanks to PerfectAccent™ optics

StoreFlow swivel function

Shopper eye comfort

PerfectAccent™ reflectors are designed with multiple small 3D facets in the optic that improve the appearance of the reflector and the uniformity of the beam. The optic design produces a pleasant sparkle inside the reflector which is perceived as comfortable by shoppers.

Supports every accent lighting

application need Different output versions, in combination withspecific aiming, compensate for relatively low or high ceilings.

Guaranteed performance

Choice of materials results in continued material integrity, performance, and reflectivity over lifetime. This makes StoreFlow a sustainable and profitable choice.

Optimal efficacy

Choice of materials and LED design ensures greater efficiency, resulting in more energy savings and a faster return on investment.

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