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    The best light for

    Fruits and vegetables

    Making fresh produce look better, taste better, and last longer

    The fresh food department is where shopper loyalty is forged, and therefore often the main motivator for a trip to the store.


    Fruits and vegetables present specific challenges where loss and waste are concerned. Because they are living tissues, fresh fruits and vegetables are subject to continuous change and deterioration. We’ve carried out comprehensive experiments on fresh fruits and vegetables to find out what light is best for both presentation and preserving quality.


    Experimentally proven

    With LED light, growers can:

    • Influence the coloration and taste of leafy green vegetables
    • Increase vitamin C in tomatoes
    • Reduce nitrate levels in lettuce, spinach, and arugula 


    With LED light, retailers can:

    • Enhance the presentation of fruits and vegetables
    • Extend shelf life, reducing waste and increasing revenue
    • Maintain the quality and safety of potatoes
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    Optimizing the presentation of fresh produce

    We’ve commissioned studies, collected research, and worked extensively with retailers to develop recommendations on how you can light fresh food the best way possible. With the right lighting, you can display fresh produce to highlight the colors that shoppers prefer, maximize the quality of herbs and lettuce, and extend the shelf-life of potatoes. 


    Download the complete white paper for the details of the tests we ran, and for our recommendations on the specific LED recipes to use in different circumstances.

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    Download our whitepapers on fresh food research

    Choose the right luminaire

    From spotlight projectors to suspended pendant and downlights, it is your choice to apply the fresh food PremiumColor or Champagne LED in our wide range of different luminaires, for both accent and general lighting.


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    Learn more about LED lighting in horticulture by reading our latest articles.


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