Bring out the best in fresh food with fresh food LED recipes

Fresh food benefits at a glance

Fresh food benefits

The best presentation

According to research people remember the color of fresh products as being more saturated than they really are. And when it comes to actually choosing a product, consumer preferences go even further – they want a color that’s even more saturated than what they remember. The right lighting recipe can optimize presentation and enhance sales. 

Preserve quality

Poor lighting affects the quality of fresh produce. The right lighting recipe helps keep food fresh longer, which means a longer shelf life and less waste.

Create a memorable experience

Fresh food LED lighting recipes can help make the difference in your fresh food departments by improving both the presentation and quality of your most perishable products.

What’s possible with Fresh food LED lighting recipes

Shoppers know from experience that if food looks good, it will also taste good. Browse through our portfolio of LED recipes that will present your fresh foods in their best light while also helping to minimize waste. 

Magnificent Sliced Meat

Research shows customers prefer meat with a rich, saturated color. Our fresh food rose LED luminaires have been specially developed with retailers and meat specialists to enhance the redness of meat and slow down discoloration, which means less waste.

The optimum lighting for fresh fish

Because fresh is the growth engine of stores. Whether it is meat or cheese, fruit and vegetables, fish and seafood, fresh continues to draws shoppers into physical stores. The fresher the food look.

Fruits & Vegetables

The fresh food department is where shopper loyalty is forged, is often the main motivator for a trip to the store. Fruits and vegetables present specific challenges. Because they are living tissues.

Rich, creamy cheese

When cheese is exposed to light, the fats begin to oxidize – first altering appearance and then damaging the taste. Our Fresh food champagne recipe beautifully displays this delicate foodstuff while also maintaining peak freshness and quality.

Perfect Potatoes

Light plays an important role in the greening of potatoes: when stored properly in the dark, no greening occurs. Of course, that’s not possible in a supermarket. Our light recipe can help keep potatoes at their freshest.

Beautiful Bread & Pastries

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh bread and rolls, still warm from the oven. Lighting can give them even more appeal. Fresh food champagne LED luminaires makes bread look crisp, appetizing and impossible to resist.


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