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    Maintain freshness
    and peak quality in cheese

      Reducing lipid oxidation in cheese

      While the fats in cheese are what give this delicious food its richness, they’re also problematic when it comes to properly lighting this area of the supermarket. When cheese is exposed to light, the fats (or lipids) begin to oxidize – first changing the cheese’s appearance and then altering its taste. This process occurs in only a few days.

      The bigger picture

      As part of a healthier lifestyle, consumers demand a broad assortment of ultra-fresh food. And they are highly conscious of the diversity and quality of the fresh foods on offer. More than any other spot in the store, the fresh food section is where customer loyalty is forged. With that comes the issue of waste. According to a study commissioned by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption – approximately 1.3 billion tons – gets lost or wasted every year. Converted to calories, this means that about 1 in 4 calories intended for consumption is never actually eaten.

      Our advice


      We developed a new LED champagne lighting recipe, one that both displays cheese attractively and – most significantly – plays a major role in helping to preserve its freshness.

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