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    Optimize your office and boost productivity

    Transform your office into an inspiring place to work

    Bring together a human approach with advanced technology to create an efficient and effective office space. Attract and retain the best talent with sustainable solutions that positively impact your employees’ feelings, behavior and performance. Additionally, you can ensure your building is IoT-enabled with connected luminaires that help you harness the power of smart technology using Interact Office.

    Optimize operations

    Save up to 80% on energy by switching to a LED lighting and controls


    Manage changing needs of occupants with flexible and upgradeable lighting


    Use extensive range of luminaire forms to suit different spaces

    Enhance performance

    Deliver visual and emotional comfort with light scenes and personal light recipes


    Create a healthy and inspiring workspace with natural light distribution


    Improve employee productivity with LED lighting that is visually comfortable and suited to a specific task

    Enhance engagement and well-being

    Improve well-being using the benefits of natural light


    Attract and retain the best employees with a healthy workspace that offers humanized technology


    Support circadian rhythms with dynamic tunable white lighting that provides the right light at the right time

    Explore the possibilities

    Optimize your space with sensors and wireless controls

    Combine safety with savings

    Show your true colors

    Interact Office

    Support employee performance and reduce time wasted with Interact Office software and system architecture to help employees find free meeting rooms or an available workspace, and enable them to personalize lighting. Then use occupancy insights to see where and how people prefer to work, opening your eyes to potential for energy and space savings, and efficiency gains. Simply install LED connected lighting from Philips with embedded IoT sensors, and use Interact Office software and insights to increase building efficiency and optimize space to create a sustainable smart office.
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    Signify Lighting Services

    Signify is leading the way with customized lighting services that provide the quality of light your business deserves.

    Professional Services

    Customized lighting solutions
    professional services
    Whether you’re updating your luminaires or undertaking a complete system redesign, we can help transform your lighting to work for both you and your business.

    Lifecycle Services

    Extend the life of your lighting
    Lifecycle services
    Lighting is an important part of your business. That’s why we offer customized maintenance plans to keep your lighting system working at its best over time.

    Managed Services

    Let us take care of your lighting
    Managed services
    From the initial design and installation to operation and maintenance, we’ve got you covered. You can focus on what you’re best at – taking care of your business.

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