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    Energy efficient and high quality light

    for high ceiling grids

    Prologis Park,
    Norrköping, Sweden


    Prologis Logistics Park in Norrköping replaced their old lighting with an energy efficient, wireless LED lighting system that now saves them more than 70% on their energy bills. This top-quality investment will pay for itself in three years.

    Prologis park in Sweden uses GentleSpace gen2 to efficiently illuminate its logistics facilities. With the use of GreenWarehouse lighting control system further energy savings can be achieved.

    It’s difficult to sufficiently illuminate a warehouse

    with twelve-meter-high ceilings and narrow aisles that swallow up light. In addition to energy efficient and sustainable lighting, we needed to have luminaires that would deliver high quality light with minimized glare.”


    -Magnus Thim, Property manager at Prologis

    Pacific LED luminaires installed in Prologis park in Sweden. A professional lighting solution that saves energy and provides high quality of light in heigh ceiling applications.

    Customer Challenge


    The logistics and distribution facilities in Norrköping used to have conventional lighting that could only be completely on or off without any possibility for dimming. The lights would be burning continuously even when nobody was working there. There was no flexibility to use lower light levels and ensure sufficient illumination for a safe working environment.

    Pacific led lighitng installation at Prologis park in Sweden

    The right lighting 


    Lighting installation and luminaire maintenance in high ceiling applications used to be expensive and complicated. Prologis Park chose the GentleSpace gen2 luminaire for their high ceiling areas and Pacific LEDs for the lower ceilings to resolve this problem once and for all. Both luminaires supply significantly better light distribution and have a longer service lifetime than their previous lighting.


    In the high ceiling warehouse, GentleSpace gen2 LED luminaries connected to GreenWarehouse control system were mounted on existing cables without additional wiring. GreenWarehouse is a wireless, flexible and energy efficient lighting system. It allows you to divide the warehouse into separate lighting zones and each zone can have its own unique dimming schedule. This preprogrammed system dims luminaires down to 20% when its sensors detect that the work area is empty. It will then switch off completely five minutes after the last detection.




    GreenWarehouse lets you provide safe, efficient industrial lighting on demand due to sensors that detect people and vehicles and adjust lighting to the right levels automatically.


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