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    Spanish factory

    delighted with ‘high lights’

    JJ Broch,
    Madrid, Spain


    Mounting new LED lighting onto a high factory ceiling went smoothly – and the resulting light is impressively bright.

    JJ Broch

    It was a straightforward installation 

    without any complications, and payback will be a reality in two years."


    -Jonatan Peiro, Assembly Manager at JJ Broch


    Customer Challenge


    JJ Broch decided to transform the way it illuminates its facilities at Arganda del Rey, Madrid. The aim was to reduce energy costs by replacing the existing high intensity discharge lighting system with LEDs. One of the main challenges was accessing 120 lighting points, located high above the 5,000 m2 factory floor, without disrupting day-to-day operations.


    The right lighting 

    The solution was to directly replace the high intensity discharge lamps with TrueForce LED lamps, because they were compatible with the existing luminaires and equipment. This allowed the upgrade to take place quickly and with a minimum of impact on the company’s activities.


    But that’s not all. TrueForce LED require far less energy, saving up to 65% compared to the previous lamps. This, coupled with the low initial investment, meant that JJ Broch expects to recoup its investment in less than two years, while significantly reducing its CO2 footprint from day one. As an added bonus, maintenance work will be minimized to almost zero; an important consideration in a facility with such high ceilings.


    In terms of performance, TrueForce LEDs have a good color rendering index (CRI 80), which improves+L83 visual perception and helps prevent eye fatigue. This contributes to a comfortable, safe and efficient working environment for JJ Broch’s employees.

    • TrueForce LED Industrial and Retail (Highbay – HPI/SON/HPL)
      TrueForce LED Industrial and Retail (Highbay – HPI/SON/HPL)

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