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    Making guests
    feel special

    Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Berlin, Germany


    Discover how LED hospitality lighting is creating a luxury experience at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Berlin.

    The lobby of Ritz-Carlton Hotel illuminated with chandeliers by Philips Lighting

    As the best
    hotel in town

    we have quite a reputation to uphold. We are a Grand Hotel that offers every modern convenience, but we also take our social responsibilities seriously. The LED lamps from Philips enable us to operate in a sustainable way without compromising on the ambience."


    -Markus Schmidt, Chief Engineer Ritz-Carlton

    Circulation areas of Ritz-Carlton Hotel lit by Philips Lighting
     Philips Lighting illuminating the circulation areas of Ritz-Carlton

    Customer challenge


    The Ritz-Carlton in Berlin is a five-star hotel boasting timeless Prussian architecture. Its luxurious interior pays tribute to the late colonial empire with antique decorative features. Could a new hospitality lighting system drive down costs and C02 emissions?

    Ceiling lighting by Philips at Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Berlin

    The right lighting 

    The requirements for the new lighting system were not simple. The Ritz-Carlton understandably places a high value on creating the right ambience for it guests, so the lights needed to replicate the performance of the previous system. In addition, they needed to reduce energy costs and C02 emissions, while minimizing heat generation and maintenance requirements.


    LED lighting was the solution. In order to ensure all the requirements were met, the chandelier lamps in one half of the corridor were replaced with Novallure LED bulbs. The comparison showed that the new Novallure lamps sparkled more brightly, and made the passageway more welcoming. As a result, 415 chandeliers and 189 wall lamps were fitted with Novallure LED and MASTER LED bulbs.


    The new fixtures have created a wonderful atmosphere, which not only matches but exceeds the quality of the previous lighting. In addition, the long lifetime of the bulbs, which last between 150,000 and 200,000 hours, will significantly reduce maintenance costs. The reduced heat produced by the bulbs means it has been possible to switch off air-conditioning in the corridors, creating further savings. The management of the hotel chain is now considering installing LED lighting in other locations as well.


    The new hospitality lighting has created energy savings of 75%, reducing the hotel’s annual costs by 27,000 Euros.

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