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    Experience top performances 

    under the best light

    Thialf enjoys
    LED lighting


    For skaters and amateurs the new LED lighting provides more light and a better view of the rink.


    LED lighting at Thialf Ice skating arena, Heerenveen, The Netherlands

    Our visitors

    think the rink and the light are great. And so do we! "


    Willem Jan van Elsacker, Thialf Director


    LED lighting at Thialf Ice skating arena, Heerenveen, The Netherlands

    Customer Challenge  


    The internationally known ice stadium in Heerenveen has been completely renewed. The ice rink was equipped with the latest LED lighting from Philips Lighting. And that was needed as the hall was always very dark. And now, with the new LED lights, it is stunning.

    LED lighting at Thialf Ice skating arena, Heerenveen, The Netherlands

    The right lighting  

    Television viewers also benefit from the new lighting, because TV cameras can now bring the sport into nicer focus with razor-sharp slow motion images. Thanks to the new  lighting, skating fans in Thialf and at home can enjoy top skating, and it looks as if you are sitting right next to the rink. This lighting provides great ambiance and an optimal experience.                                            

    Philips has equipped Thialf with balanced rink lighting with energy-efficient LED lamps and lamps with infrared in the spectrum. They make the ice even faster in competitions, by warming the top layer a fraction. All other rooms in the stadium are also equipped with LED lighting, which contributes toward the realization of the sustainability goals of Thialf. 


    Thialf ice skating arena 
    enjoys LED 

    The team

    Thialf stadium 
    Heerenveen, Nederland


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