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    Improved smolt

    Sjøtroll Havbruk,



    The Philips innovative LED solution was installed at Sjøtroll Havbruk to control parr-smolt transformation and improve survival rate of Atlantic salmon after sea transfer.


    Sjotroll Philips smoltification

    The lights have
    high intensity

    which is important to secure good smoltification in large tanks. The slow ramp up and down is very positive in terms of not stressing the fish."


    - Svein Nøttveit, Sjøtroll Havbruk AS, Norway

    Sjotroll Philips hatchery
    Sjotroll Philips challenge

    Customer challenge


    For years, light in combination with temperature control and grading has been used in hatcheries to produce smolt all year round. But the industry has lacked optimized lighting systems and photoperiod protocols that would ensure improved production and welfare of smolts.

    The right lighting 


    Philips created an optimized lighting system for Sjøtroll Havbruk that offered more flexibility. This customized LED lighting solution for salmon hatchery applications delivered controlled ramp up and down, so that the light strategy could be changed according to the production planning.

    Lighting in


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