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Roads and streets 


Innovative outdoor LED lighting is an efficient solution that reduces costs and increases safety for citizens. By combining energy-efficient LED street lighting with cellular communications and cloud-based lighting management, we can create connected networks that transform the way streetlights are monitored, managed, and maintained. By delivering the right level of light when and where it’s needed, cities can maximize efficiency and bring previously dark neighborhoods to life. Together we can make our cities more livable and efficient.

Connected systems for
roads and streets   

Los Angeles is
blazing the trail
for connected street lighting

See how the City of Los Angeles keeps its citizens safe by repairing broken street lights quickly, thanks to the innovative Philips CityTouch solution.


Road and street products

Area and Transportation


Help businesses keep moving after dark. In our 24 hour economy, many companies operate late into the night, and good lighting helps employees work safer and smarter. Make travellers feel safe and comfortable while in transit, with glare-free LED lighting.

  • OptiVision LED gen2
    OptiVision LED gen2
    The Philips OptiVision LED gen2 floodlighting system provides a complete lighting solution for the simplest through to the most complex area and recreational sports lighting applic...
  • TownGuide Performer
    TownGuide Performer
    The TownGuide Performer family consists of six recognizable yet modern shapes: Flat Cone, Bowl, Classic Cone, Classic, T and Tzero. All are available with a clear bowl. Except for ...

Residential area


Lighting plays a huge role in making neighborhoods feel safe. With LED street lighting, we can increase visibility for motorists and pedestrians at night. Our residential area applications provide high-quality white light while reducing light pollution and energy consumption.

Traffic routes


Clear visibility helps people drive safely and feel at ease on the road. Our lighting range for traffic routes provides high-quality, glare-free illumination to ensure drivers can see well, using LED technology to avoid light pollution and reduce energy use and maintenance.

  • LumiStreet
    Many local authorities today have an outdated public lighting installation that urgently needs to be replaced, yet have only a limited budget available. We have the answer to their...

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