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Optimize your office and boost
employee productivity

Making the office work for everyone

Businesses today are exploring new ways to enhance employee productivity and well-being, while maintaining a focus on energy savings, improved operational efficiency, and space optimization. Philips LED lighting supports sustainability goals and occupant well-being, while our connected lighting systems provide a firm base for the growing push towards smart buildings. Data-driven insights gathered from the connected lighting network optimize service delivery and operations, improve workplace design, and positively impact employee experience.

Explore the possibilities

Optimize your space with sensors and wireless controls


Your solution for acoustic quality and lighting in one

Soundlight Comfort

Combine safety with savings



Optimize operations

Save up to 80% by switching to a controlled LED lighting system

Streamline operations by integrating with other building systems 

Gain valuable insights into building usage in order to make data-driven decisions

Case study
The Edge

Enhance productivity

Deliver visual comfort with lighting that is suited to the task


Employees can personalize the lighting and temperature to improve comfort


Offer applications to reduce downtime and improve employee productivity

Case study
Cisco Toronto office

Build brand

Attract and retain the best employees with a state-of-the-art, sustainable workspace


Stand out as a technology leader with a focus on employee well-being

Promote your corporate sustainability goals with green building practices

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