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Hermes Haldensleben II + III BA

Haldensleben - Germany

The customer's request was the conversion of lighting to picking alleys which are switched - ideally with LED. The customer operates the logistics of a major German mail order company. 

The dimensions are: 5000 LED Luminaire Maxos Industry LED, adressed by 112 DALI-components, 2.040 redlight Sensors, 1.020 PIR-Sensors, 46.000qm (~460.000sqf) warehouse-area, 22.500 lfm Maxos components.


The lighting should turn on when the car, which is pushed by an employee in front of him, enters the corridor, so that the light is on when the employee enters the corridor.

On top of that there are special requirements in regards of the brightness, as well as the delay time and getting error messages when sensors are not working.


Impact on the end user

The result is a much brighter and more pleasant atmosphere and high energy savings. At the same time, the heat load in the object that is not air-conditioned decreased. 

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Project team

Value Added Partner: Innoblick

Lighting Designer: INNOBLICK GmbH & Co. KG
Client: Hermes Fulfilment

Installation date: 2018

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