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Faro del  Bicentenario  

Córdoba, Argentina  

Located in the western limit of the Sarmiento Park of the city of Córdoba, the Historical Archive building of Córdoba is located with the Bicentennial Lighthouse in the so-called museum mile. This building-monument is built in commemoration of the bicentennial of the independence of the Argentine Republic, by the government of the province of Córdoba, in the year 2010.

It is called to become an urban landmark from its size of 102 meters and location since it can be seen from virtually the entire city. The lighthouse is in itself an ellipse in rotation of half turn, built in reinforced concrete seen with different cement components, which creates a surface in rings of different shades of gray.


The idea of the project is to turn the tower into an icon of the city that identifies it, symbolically the lighthouse fulfills the function of illuminating the country since Cordoba in the most Mediterranean city of Argentina, the purpose of the light intervention was to put it in value and highlighting his geometric figure at night.


Impact on the end user

With the new lighting, a new nocturnal tourist attraction was generated, where both people from outside and local approach the milestone to enjoy the monumental work and take and post pictures.

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ColorReach Powercore gen2 RGBA

Project team

Value Added Partner: Maestre Iluminación

Lighting Designer: Maestre  iluminación 

Client: Gobierno de la  Provincia de  Córdoba  

Installation date: April  2018 

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