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Patrick Woodroffe

AC/DC show thrills 60,000 fans


Philips On Stage got a back stage pass at the AC/DC Rock or Bust tour 2015 with Lighting Designers Patrick Woodroffe and Cosmo Wilson. Find out how they created a spectacle, and thrilled an audience of 60,000 AC/DC fans. Fixtures with Philips MSD Platinum lamps, MSR Gold FastFit and MSR Gold double-ended bulbs were used to create a spectacular lighting design with sharp beams, high brightness and consistent bulb temperature.

Philips On Stage interview with Patrick Woodroffe and Cosmo Wilson at AC/DC Rock or Bust tour 2015

Certain bulbs yellow over time and that would be the most frustrating thing for me. So I'm always looking for a bulb which temperature stays the same and has a long life. We make choices on the source of light. We can't have a bulb that lasts for 60 hrs and then throw it away.”


- Patrick Woodroffe and Cosmo Wilson

Patrick Woodroffe talks to Philips On Stage about lighting design at AC/DC Rock or Bust tour 2015

About Patrick Woodroffe


In this video, Patrick explains the role of lighting design in creating a spectacle to thrill audiences. Patrick also reveals how the collaboration between artists and different creative teams can lead to an incredible entertainment experience.


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Philips Entertainment lamps


Philips Entertainment lamps are used in major events worldwide. A large range of products is available for many Entertainment applications. These are the lamps which are used in the AC/DC tour.

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