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Cinema Xenon Lamps

Everyone enjoys going to the cinema to see the latest films. Today, digital projection is revolutionizing the way people experience the movies. Who can forget the powerful images from 3D films?


These images are made possible by digital projection systems equipped with digital cinema projector lamps. Our Cinema xenon lamps are used worldwide to light movie screens for the entertainment of Millions of people and are officially certified and approved for use in Barco, NEC, Christie and Sony projectors. In addition to high product quality and reliability, our dedicated team of well-trained technical specialists, sales and customer support officers is fully committed to delivering you the best service in the cinema industry.

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Cinema xenon lamp replacement

Discover our instructional series on how to replace and align Cinema Xenon lamps in various projectors.


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New LongPlay digital cinema xenon

Philips is proud to announce the launch of its new LongPlay digital cinema xenon lamp product line, offering up to 50% longer warranty hours than standard xenon lamps for dramatically lower cost of ownership. This means fewer lamp replacements, lower operating costs and higher projector uptime, all while providing the same or better initial light output performance. Exhibition quality is maintained at lower cost per hour.


All of this is made possible by our breakthrough lamp electrode technology. LongPlay lamp electrodes run cooler, prolonging electrode life and maintaining light output longer.

In addition to longer life, all Philips LongPlay lamps feature an extended operating power range down to 50% of full power. This provides exhibitors with more operational flexibility and avoids the additional expense and hassle of changing lamps when switching between 2D and 3D projector configurations.