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Paral•lel Avenue,

Barcelona, Spain


Find out how innovative outdoor lighting is enhancing city life in Barcelona

Paral•lel Avenue, Barcelona, Spain ©

We translated
the concepts


into a specifically designed light solution that is able to achieve perfect vertical and horizontal light quality in combination with controllable RGB lighting generating the atmosphere.”


-Floris Provost, Design Manager

Customer Challenge


Welcome to Paral•lel Avenue. Once the most theater-dense area in Europe, the Avenue is well known as a nerve center for music, art and entertainment. When parts of the Avenue were renovated to improve the flow of people through the area, some inventive urban lighting was needed.

Paral•lel Avenue, Barcelona, Spain ©

The right lighting


Barcelona is a “smart city”, so the new street lighting had to be integrated with the rest of the city’s IT infrastructure. Montserrat Periel, the metropolitan area architect in charge of the project, created a new urban fixture to link the lighting. He commented: “It is actually a multi-purpose urban element that houses occupancy sensors, traffic cameras, Wi-Fi transceivers and other features”.

To ensure there was sufficient illumination, the optics team fitted the poles with UrbanLink luminaires aimed at the bicycle lane. UrbanLink luminaires were added to the pole’s 2.5 meter arm for traffic lighting.

Every fixture meant for functional lighting is point-to-point controlled by the CityTouch lighting management software, allowing for customizable lighting levels. The improved distribution of light makes the Avenue a comfortable, safe place to travel along.

  • UrbanLink
    UrbanLink is the innovative result of a co-development project with Kardorff Ingenieure Berlin to come up with a dedicated LED lighting solution for curved masts. The result is a d...
    • Designed for curved masts to preserve the character of the urban environment
    • Built around the LEDGINE platform: highly efficient, serviceable and upgradable
    • One design for post-top and side-entry installation
  • ColorBurst Powercore
    ColorBurst Powercore
    ColorBurst Powercore is a high-output, exterior-rated LED lighting fixture designed for accent and site lighting. Standard and compact format Architectural and Landscape fixtures d...
    • Full-color light output
    • Versatile light positioning
    • Compatible with industry-leading controls


CityTouch is a software platform for outdoor lighting. It allows operators to monitor and manage the public outdoor lighting system. They can also store, visualize, and analyze historical information about luminaire performance.

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