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Fortress Square

beautifully restored with light

Fortress Square
Baia Mare, Romania


Stephen’s Tower in Fortress Square is the symbol of Baia Mare, but city residents and tourists were more attracted to the restored center of Baia Mare with its terraces of nice restaurants and the new shopping area. 

Baia Mare-Romania-urban lighting- Philips Lighting 2

The new 

means the square is not only a place to gather inspiration, but also a place where cultural events can be held against the backdrop of the historical ruins illuminated by modern lighting.”  


- Laura Teodora Ghinea, University Lecturer with a PhD in Graphics, President of the Romanian Union of Plastic Artists, Baia Mare branch

Baia Mare-Romania-urban lighting- Philips Lighting 4
Baia Mare-Romania-urban lighting- Philips Lighting 3

Customer challenge


The major challenge in this project was to create a lighting design that would highlight and enhance the archaeological remains re-discovered alongside Stephen’s Tower, the most-visited tourist attraction in the city, and to promote cultural and entertainment events for both residents and tourists.

Baia Mare-Romania-urban lighting- Philips Lighting 5

The right lighting 


The solution adopted for the entire lighting design involved creating an ambient -lighting atmosphere that highlights the buildings, trees, and pedestrian routes, and emphasizes the main elements at night. Both residents and visitors are now able to enjoy the sight of Stephen’s Tower, the ruins of St. Stephen’s Church and the two other churches re-discovered during this restoration – the Church of Saint Catherine and Saint Martin’s Church.


The creative vision has led to a duality in the perception of the space, with zenith light during the day on the one hand and the different perspective created by the lighting. at night on the other. Thanks to the inspirational composition, the new lighting elements combine the city’s well -preserved ancient history with new places for people to gather, creating the perfect environment for future events that will ensure Fortress Square lives on.

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    DecoFlood² DVP627
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