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Avila's return to


The city of Avila
Avila, Spain

With the purpose of enabling the city of Ávila to regain its status as a global benchmark for enlightenment, we completely redesigned the lighting scheme of the Spanish town.
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We know
that light

changes people's lives and is capable of marking the rhythm of a community or a space”


- Ignacio Muñoz MartínManager at Eulen (ESCO) responsible for the project's installation and maintenance

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Customer Challenge


We worked together with the city's local government to renovate the lighting citywide, making it more sustainable and improving people's experience of discovering the same streets and monuments

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The right lighting


Ávila's new lighting is divided into four segments: functional lighting, ornamental lighting, event lighting and business lighting. These four segments are distributed as a series of layers, one on top of another, meaning you can switch each layer on and off, or adjust the brightness of each layer according to the needs of each moment in time.

To achieve this, the team developed and refined the idea of the “new nocturnal landscape” that would define the city's personality after nightfall. “The first thing we did was to understand the lighting requirements in the different areas of Ávila, both inside and outside of the historical city walls,” explains Rafael Gallego. “We also wanted the lighting to form part of the city's identity and enhance its position in the tourism industry even further, by improving people's experience of strolling around the city at night. And we wanted to achieve all that with sustainable lighting ", he concludes.

For this project, Philips LED warm white luminaires (3000 K) were used inside the city walls, and neutral white luminaires (4000 K) were used outside the walls for increased visual comfort. These luminaires reduce power consumption by up to 77% compared to the previous installation, saving 2,767,000 kW per year and reducing CO2 emissions by 162 tons per year, which significantly improves the city's air quality. In addition, the new lighting system has a service lifetime of 12 years, thus reducing the cost of maintaining the luminaires to almost zero during that period.

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Redesigning the lighting of the city of Avila

The team

Local government of Avila


Aureolighting, Rafael Gallego

Lighting designer

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