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Q22, Echo Investment, 


The “Light beyond illumination” approach underpins all of the solutions applied at Q22. This is a much broader understanding of lighting than the one we've grown accustomed to.


In the jointly conducted 
design process

The guiding principle of both companies was to apply state-of-the-art solutions that would satisfy even the most demanding office space tenants. That's why every element of the lighting system has been individually tailored for Q22”.


- Tomasz Pilch, Architect, Echo Investment S.A.




Conventional lighting was the initial plan for Q22. But with the comfort and well-being of its tenants in mind, Q22 decided to focus on sustainable and energy efficient LED technology.

Q22 is thus one of the first rental buildings in Warsaw using advanced LED lighting. This is a huge asset to the building owners who can now enjoy the benefits of energy efficient LED lighting and the tenants who can now work in a comfortable and engaging office environment.


The right lighting 


Why did Echo Investment place their trust in us? Our leading position in the lighting industry, compelling experience and high quality of Philips products guaranteed success. Echo investment had a clear vision for the new lighting in Q22. The customer specified its requirements and expectations, including the luminaire raw materials and design. The customer wanted to replace the traditional metal luminaire look with aluminum. Everything so that the aesthetics could match the quality. Echo Investment and Signify worked together to design, develop and refine the solutions applied.. 


Our specialists at Signify ensured that the new lighting not only is functioning perfectly, but it also creates a visually appealing building environment. Colorful architectural lighting placed in the main hall of the building brings out Q22's best architectural qualities. The employees and guests at Q22 office could not think of a more engaging and dazzling environment in the entrance hall. The interplay of light, shadows and refracting structures is a tribute to the “Q” concept: the synergy of modernity, security and comfort. The lighting in Q22's colorful interior can be easily adjusted to suit different purposes, such as meetings, presentations or events. 


The lighting parameters, such as reduced glare and the right color rendering, were selected to match the needs of the individual spaces. In the office areas, lighting encourages concentration and productivity while in the common areas and social spaces lighting invites tenants to relax.


Modular SLD75

SLD75 is a flexible and fully configurable solution that fits customer requirements perfectly. Elegant office lighting is accomplished using a proper diaphragm and LED modules with lenses.

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the Q22 office building


Echo Investment

Echo Investment

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