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Lettuce grower switches to

100% Philips LED toplighting 

Lettuce grower switches to
Lettuce grower switches to
Lettuce grower switches to

Great Lakes Growers
Ohio, USA


In just a matter of six years, John Bonner has expanded Great Lakes Growers into a greenhouse operation of more 85,000 square feet. 


Great Lakes Growers specializes in growing fresh, tasty, pesticide-free lettuce and herbs for local grocers, markets and restaurants in Northeast Ohio and beyond.

John Bonner, the owner of Great Lakes Growers - Philips LED toplighting

The color is much deeper, darker, richer with LEDs.

The taste is better with LEDs.”


-John Bonner, Owner 

Bedding plants Florensis

The challenge


Since the start of his business, Bonner relied on traditional HPS lighting to meet the company’s supplemental lighting needs. However, the promise of LED grow lights intrigued Bonner. After reading and researching the different LED products and options, Bonner decided to conduct his own in-house trial with Philips LED toplighting. 


The right lighting


In a controlled trial, first over lettuce and then over herbs, Bonner tracked and compared growing under 600 W HPS to growing under Philips LED toplighting (DR/B LB).


Growing lettuce under the LEDs, Bonner noted many qualitative and quantitative benefits including:


• 30% production increase

• Reduced tip burn

• Improved color


Philips GreenPower LED toplighting

Philips GreenPower LED toplighting


With Philips LED toplighting, Bonner estimates a production increase of approximately 30 percent. This, coupled with improved product quality, guided Bonner in his decision to make a complete switch to Philips LED toplighting.

Taking the lead
with horticulture LED lighting technology

The team

Great Lakes Growers



Philips LED Horti Partner

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