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No capital investment and 70%
lower energy costs

Praxis and Brico stores,
the Netherlands and Belgium

With Light as a Service, Maxeda, parent company of Praxis and Brico, opts for sustainability and an even better shopping experience in more than 120 stores.
Praxis Eindhoven between the shelves

Light as a Service is
perfect for us.

All we do, is pay for a service contract for all of our stores. Our program comprises the entire conversion of all our stores, including the removal of old lighting and the installation of new LED luminaires. The maintenance of the lighting is also included in this. And in case of problems or defects, one e-mail is enough to have it resolved."

- Henk Schurink, Construction and Store Design manager at Praxis

Praxis Rotterdam Keileweg store floor

The customer's challenge

Praxis and Brico, subsidiaries of parent organization Maxeda, wanted to install energy-efficient LED lighting in their stores. Their aim was to show products to their best advantage and to save costs. Light as a Service was chosen for 120 stores. With Light as a Service, the customer only pays for the light, not for the lamps.
Praxis Eindhoven sawmill

The right lighting

Praxis and Brico opted for two types of LED lighting: CoreLine Trunking for stores with low ceilings and special LED pendant luminaires for stores with higher ceilings. All other areas such as the warehouses, offices, wardrobes, restrooms and sawmills were also fitted with energy-efficient LED luminaires. The pendant luminaires were specially designed for Praxis. Because they are made in the Netherlands through digital manufacturing and are fully recyclable, they ensure an extremely low CO2 footprint.

Henk Schurink, Construction and Store Fittings Manager at Praxis: "In our aisles we now have a light output of 500 lux. This is more than enough to beautifully highlight our products and still save energy. We receive many positive reactions from our customers and our employees."
Light as a Service for retail

Light as a Service

Do you want to install LED lighting in all your stores? But do you dread the hassle, not to mention the hefty investment? Then meet Light as a Service for retailers. You only pay for the light, not for the lamps.
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