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Zapata, Augsberg,


Visitors are now encouraged to explore Zapata's new store thanks to our MASTERColour CDM Evolution lamps. 

Zapata CDM Evolution

Whites are even whiter,
clearer and

more sparkling. CDM Evolution presents fabrics in the best possible artificial light available today. This enabled us to differentiate ourselves as a young and innovative company.”


- Christian Dambach, Project Manager, Zapata

Zapata CDM Evolution

Customer challenge


Zapata is a cutting-edge retailer that sells vintage-style fashion to young shoppers. Its unique store concept fuses industrial-style décor, rustic Mexican gear, garage sale furniture and distressed elements. However, its old lighting system did little to encourage store exploration.

Zapata CDM Evolution

The right lighting 


With its newly-furnished interior and colorful clothing range, Zapata was almost ready to dazzle and delight customers. But the existing illumination was lacking in spatiality and drama, and there was no difference in light levels between the inner and outer areas. The shop floor was left as an exposed area that did nothing to guide shoppers, so Zapata asked lighting designer Lichtspiel for help.


With some carefully placed Philips lamps, Lichtspeil created dramatic, exciting ambience. The store interior was kept in dark colors, including the walls and ceiling. Philips MASTERColour CDM Evolution spotlights were installed using narrow beam angles of just 10° and 20°, creating an intriguing contrast between light and shade.


The new lighting concept has created a delightful sense of mystery that draws shoppers towards merchandise and encourages them to explore. This was made possible by the MASTERColour CDM Evolution spotlights, which create brilliant white light with no color spots in the beam. With intriguing illumination in place, Zapata now has a bright future ahead.



  • MASTERColour CDM-T Evolution
    MASTERColour CDM-T Evolution
    Single-ended, highest-efficiency, longest-life Ceramic Metal Halide discharge lamp producing crisp white sparkling light with high color rendering

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