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the grandeur

Notre-Dame de Paris,

Paris, France

The lighting design showcases the true grandeur of this Gothic architectural masterpiece with high-quality LED lighting.

Key qualities for

lighting are providing

ease of vision

to its visitors, while showcasing the architecture and giving it scale."


- Armand Zadikian, Lighting Designer


Customer challenge


The main aim was to showcase the cathedral’s stunning Gothic architecture and improve visual comfort for its visitors. It was also important to accentuate architectural details that the previous lighting neglected, such as the magnificent 20-meter long frescoes sculpted into the choir wall. Efficiency was also a priority. 


The right lighting 


The lighting design from Armand Zadikian innovatively navigates the cathedral’s complex architecture. Light sources were placed in discreet locations at various support points throughout the interior, integrating the lighting and architecture. The design provides an immense sense of width and height, showcasing the cathedral’s architectural beauty. 

Over 400 LED luminaires were used, with a lower power of 35 kW, compared to 150 kW before. There are 15 pre-programmed lighting arrangements available for different events, such as tours, Sunday masses, large ceremonies and organ concerts.

LED lights now accentuate the details of the sculpted frescoes on the choir wall. Precise beams are strategically projected onto specific areas of the artwork. Visitors can now appreciate skill and emotion of the sculptures. The new light emphasizes the intricate detail of the characters’ facial expressions and carefully carved figures. Bathed in soft light, the iconic decor now contributes to the cathedral’s atmosphere during visits, masses and concerts alike.

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