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Philips Community Light Centers

A Philips Light Center is an area of 1000m2, or the size of a small soccer pitch, lit with new solar-powered LED lighting. It is a communal area which can be used for sport and other important activities such as healthcare clinics, education and evening classes, social events and commercial activities. A Light Center extends the day by enabling communal life after dark. It creates a safe area and supports sanitation programs.

Is it sustainable?

A Light Center is sustainable – only the batteries need replacing (every 4-5 years). It is not dependent on electricity from the grid and continues to operate during power outages. Smart controls switch the lighting on and off at pre-set times and manage and optimize battery life. Maintenance can be self-sustaining because the owner (the local authority) can rent out the light or advertising space and generate an income.

How bright is it?

Each Light Center illuminates the area with white light to a level which is visually clear and comforting (15 lux with a cold white color temperature of 5700k). Four 8-meter-high poles fixed in concrete are used.

Where can I see one?

Philips has announced the installation of 100 Light Centers across rural Africa. Light Centers are already running successfully in Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa. To see a Philips Light Center in action, click here.

How do I start one?

Join us in our mission to bring practical lighting to rural areas using the power of the sun. We can supply a Light Center to enable your local project to continue after dark. We can arrange for full installation with your own branding. For more information, contact your local Philips representative or email Nick Kelso at

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