Discover the all-in-one connected solar streetlight

All your city needs in one solar streetlight

Introducing the new Philips SunStay Pro. These elegant all-in-one streetlights help fast track your long-term sustainability goals while realizing immediate cost savings and operational efficiencies. Create long-term efficiency across the entire value chain – from installation to use and maintenance upgrades. The always-on feature keeps streets lit 24/7, ensuring the safety and security of your company or city.

Achieves sustainability goals

Meets carbon-neutral European standards. Harmonious design blends with nature

Cost savings

Modular all-in-one design for easy installation, use and maintenance

Energy savings

Designed for efficiency and longevity

Safety and security

The always-on feature ensures paths, roads and parking lots are always safely lit up

Connected solar streetlight

The connected solar streetlight you can use all year

With SunStay Pro, you don’t need year-round sun to go solar – these streetlights operate in any weather conditions. They also offer smart connectivity with Interact – enabling motion/incident detection, remote management and many other benefits.

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