The first Italian supermarket to protect shoppers with UV-C

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Milan, Italy has installed Philips UV-C disinfection devices in two shops in Milan. Their ultimate goal is to install them across their entire chain of retail stores.

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We are always looking for technologies and services that allow us to keep up with changes. For this reason, we have chosen to collaborate with Signify and use its innovative UV-C light technology for surfaces and air disinfection.
Mattia Ballabio, CEO di
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Customer challenge

During the COVID-19 pandemic,’s biggest concern was to find a way to adapt to the new challenges generated by the health emergency. This included adopting measures to neutralize viruses and bacteria present on surfaces, objects and in air to ensure customers had a perfectly disinfected environment in which to shop.

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The solution

Five Philips UV-C disinfection battens were installed to cover the busiest store areas, such as cash registers and shopping carts, as their disinfection cycle is only activated in the absence of people. Thanks to the homogeneous distribution of UV-C light, these can disinfect surface and objects within a room in just a few seconds.

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