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At the heart of almost every projector is a special component: a UHP lamp invented by Philips. These ultra-high-performance lamps are the reason you’ve been amazed by crystal-clear images that jump off the screen. By incredible colors and crisp contrast. And by the outstanding brightness you’ve enjoyed for as long as you can remember.

Projection Lamps Introduction

But unfortunately, nothing can last forever not even our UHP lamps. Because over time, their light output can slowly start to degrade. Think of it like a lamp with a dimmer. Each day the image quality dims a little more as the lamp comes to the end of its natural life. But the change is so subtle, you’d hardly notice – even when the light from the projector is only half as bright as it was originally. If that sounds like your experience, now is the time to install a new lamp in your projector. But not just any lamp; a Philips UHP lamp.

Why? Well it might not be obvious from the outside, but more than 50% of all renown projectors brands like Acer, BenQ, Epson, Optoma, Sony, ViewSonic and many others have a Philips lamp with UHP technolgoy inside. It’s been the lamp of choice for big brands for more than 25 years thanks to its high quality and performance. And it’s also your best choice for returning your projector back to its original performance levels. A quick replacement that will instantly retore the light output to its brightest and best.

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Brighter, better, for longer

It’s not just a slogan; it’s a promise. Since the day we invented UHP technology more than 25 years ago, we’ve been the undisputed market leader in projection lamps. In fact, we’ve mastered the art with products that deliver the highest on-screen brightness and color consistency over the longest lifetime. Here’s how:


With Philips projection lamps you always get light levels comparable to the original performance. On the other hand, measurements taken from competitor lamps show that light levels can be 30 to 40% lower when compared to equivalent Philips lamps with UHP technology. When four of the most common reflector shapes were tested^1, only Philips original lamps delivered 100% of the original lumen performance. While the brightness levels for non-Philips alternatives ranged between 50% - 70% of the original lumen performance. So for guaranteed results, it always pays to choose Philips.


Picture quality is also paramount. This can only be achieved by optimizing the combination of lamp, optical system and electronic operation. All our projection systems are carefully designed to achieve this, and are only authorized for release after stringent quality tests. This ensures you enjoy the best color performance and light uniformity over the lifetime of the lamps. Replacing your old lamp with a Philips original will preserve this fine balance and ensure your projector always operates as smoothly as possible.

For longer

Just like lamps with dimmers, any gradual reduction in performance is hardly noticeable. It is only when light levels are reduced to between 60% (high quality standard) and 40% (low quality standard) that complaints start to arise. With Philips lamps you can instantly bring light levels back up to 100%. What’s more, our tests show that Philips lamps with UHP technology can easily last up to twice as long^1 as compatible lamps. Market-leading quality products that save on replacement costs while contributing to a greener environment.

Put us to the test

Put us to the test

Even to the trained eye, light levels are hard to evaluate. But these days there’s no need to invest in expensive lux meters to verify lamp brightness claims. A free smartphone app is all it takes to check if a lamp lives up to its promises. You’ll find a wide range of light meter apps in the App store or Google store. Apps that we have tested and proven accurate are Lux Light Meter Pro and Lux Light Meter Free.

Projection Lamps Where to Buy

Where to buy

The most convenient way to replace the lamp in your projector is with a lamp module. These are widely available and have a standardized interface to ensure the perfect fit with your projector’s optical system. However, not all modules are available from Philips. So, if you buy from one of our partners, please check the product description (or your order) carefully to ensure the module contains a Philips lamp. All our products proudly display the Philips logo, together with our 2D label.

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