GreenSpace, with a perfect fit, 3D printed, 17.1 W, D200 mm, 2033 lm, 3000 K, Wireless, Interact Ready, UGR19, High-gloss reflector, Clear, IA4, IP20/54

TCTT200 20S/830 IA4 OC PCC WH

Product Description

with a perfect fit, D200 mm, Polycarbonate, White, Power supply unit with SystemReady interface, Interact ready, Interact SNS210 sensor, 2033 lm, 17.1 W, 122 lm/W, 3000 K, (0.43, 0.40) SDCM < 3, UGR19, Beam angle 60°, High-gloss reflector, Clear, Polycarbonate, Finger-protected, 0.2 J standard, Safety class II, 2 Push-in connector 5-pole, Feed-through wiring 1-phase

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