Small effort. Big savings.

Discover Ledinaire EcoSet. The simple upgrade from regular on-off lighting to an automated solution.

It has never been easier to lower your customers energy bills with automatic dimming through motion sensing. Ledinaire EcoSet's integrated wireless driver and presets ensure hassle-free installation with quick payback times!

For offices

For parking – coming soon!

Here's how it works

Ledinaire EcoSet luminaire with integrated wireless controls

External motion and daylight detection sensor

Automated dimming

Your benefits

Simple to install and set up

Fast and wireless installation, quick to set up.

Trusted quality

You and your customers can rely on the renowned quality of Philips Ledinaire luminaires.

Great value solution

The best choice for budget-conscious customers: Revolutionary payback times due to low initial investment and significant annual energy savings.

Ledinaire EcoSet for offices

Save energy while increasing comfort in offices

When no one is around, the lights dim automatically - and turn off for good when they are no longer needed. It's a great way to save energy while keeping employees comfortable. 

Ledinaire panel EcoSet

Ledinaire office sensor EcoSet

Ledinaire remote EcoSet

Ledinaire switch EcoSet

Your office setup is ready in minutes

1. Install the luminaire as you normally would – it‘s fast and  easy thanks to the handy quick connector.

2. Install sensors at desired locations.
Tip: Place sensors above desks for optimal presence detection. In areas with a lot of foot traffic, place sensors close to entrances and exits.

3. Activate the installation with one button press on the remote control, each sensor and optionally on each wall switch – done!

Download our quick installation guide for offices to learn more


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