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    Philips Service tag
    Making LED maintenance
    operations easier and faster

    Philips Service tag

    Philips Service tag is a unique QR-based identification system that makes each luminaire uniquely identifiable and provides maintenance, installation and spare part information applicable to the individual luminaire. By scanning the QR codes on all next generation Philips luminaires, poles and packaging, you have easy access to product configuration information, enabling you to save valuable time and prevent errors.

    How does it deliver value?


    The Philips Service tag application enables smoother maintenance and installation by:


    • Providing access to critical lighting component information where and when you need it. By simply scanning the QR code on a luminaire, you can view relevant troubleshooting information
    • Providing relevant luminaire configuration information and identifying spare parts needed
    • Allowing digital spare parts such as LED drivers to be programmed to factory settings using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology
    • Enabling you to create your own digital library of lighting assets installed
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    Late Stage Configuration


    Late Stage Configuration delivers a flexible on-demand configuration and installation as feature to Philips Prof. Outdoor Luminaires in Europe.
    As the pre-defined factory settings are open for customization, it brings customer flexibility to configure the luminaire right at the venue to fit the best lighting requirements.


    Customer benefits:

    • No ordering complexity and logistic constraints coming with the diversity of led versions.
    • Flexibility to tune luminaires to get the best ratio between lighting requirements and energy savings.
    • Maintenance of luminaires is preserved, as all configured luminaire information is *stored in the cloud *using Service Tag app.


    The Service tag dashboard allows you to manage subscriptions for late stage configuration.

    This dashboard is applicable to those customers who have a service contract for Service tag with Signify.

    Furthermore, by having a subscription, you are able to reprint labels for luminaire specific settings.

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    Service tag in action!


    See how Service tag offers an easy solution to situations that have caused big difficulties in the past.

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